Steve s, new york

The fully loaded outdoor shower enclosure with plumbing is fantastic. I always dreamed of something like this in my backyard next to my pool. Finally this past summer we purchased this shower and we have never been happier! There is always a line to take an outdoor shower when its hot outside. I cannot imagine summer any other way now!

The Classic outdoor shower‚Äč  

bill c,  New Jersey

Outdoor Shower Customer Reviews

Myself and my wife decided to purchase an outdoor shower enclosure. We wanted one so our kids can rinse off the beach sand and keep it out of our house! The shower enclosure exceeds our expectations and is a beautiful addition to our beach house.

I was telling one of my neighbors that I was looking into outdoor showers. He had told me about his Outdoor shower enclosure that he got from Shower Outdoor and how well built it was. It survived hurricane Sandy with NO damage! Once I heard that and saw the shower I knew it was the one to get.  

Custom Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Starting at $2,750

Lana  A, Connecticut